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Step-By-Step: Setting up itrezzo UCM - Part - 3

Configuring itrezzo UCM - Part-1 -Running License Checks, creating a Collection in itrezzo UCM and setting up a Mandatory Contact List (MCL) in itrezzo UCM

By: Harpreet Singh Wasu

This is the Part-3 of the Step-by-Step series on how to setup itrezzo UCM for the first time.
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The first-time you run the itrezzo Web Administrator, you will see a new wizard to follow. We would recommend to close that by clicking on Cancel and recommend you to follow the below steps:

At the bottom right corner of the Web Administrator, you will be able to identify the service account and the target service mailbox.

Running Licensing checks on itrezzo UCM to make sure your purchased licenses appear in UCM


  • Expand Global Configuration on the left navigation pane > License Packs > Tablet & gear icon at the top right corner to Run License checks. 

Note: When you initiate a licensing check, itrezzo UCM at the back-end will check for the license attachment file in the email that you forwarded. itrezzo UCM will convert the same licensing attachment file into a license pack after you forward the email as instructed before.

Create a Collection in itrezzo UCM

The next steps now is to create a Collection.

  1. Click on Collections icon at the top right corner in green bar or expand Data Dictionary on the left navigation pane & click on Collections.
  2. Click on the plus (+) sign at the top right corner to Add a new collection.
  3. Give a name to the collection in the Collection Name box. For example – GAL Source.There are different options available for selecting the source like users, distribution lists, another Collection, Dynamic Distribution lists, an OU, LDAP Query, etc. In our example, we will click on Group icon on the left and choose a DL that contains all the users – e.g. “DL All Itrezzo”.
  4. You can drag the user or group to the right in the Inclusion List box or click on the Green arrow to put the selected source in the Inclusion List & click on Save.
  5. After selecting a source, you need some targets. So, you need to create one more collection for Targets & you can name them GAL Targets or Smartphone Users. Add a user mailbox for example your own mailbox or any other test mailbox in the Inclusion List in the GAL Targets collection & hit Save.

Creating & setting up Mandatory Contact List

After creating the Source & Target collections, the next thing to setup is a Mandatory Contact List.

So what is a Mandatory Contact List ?

  • Mandatory Contact List (MCL) is a contact list that pulls all the information (attributes) from the source contacts (for example - Public Folder or GAL) and merges that information with the Active Directory by matching the users based on their primary email address (SMTP address) and then this contact list is then pushed to the target user mailboxes.
  • So, if you were using a Public Folder contact list for your MCL source (using Alternate Contact Sources -ACS in UCM) and there were fields in the PF source that did not have data in them (like Business Address Street), then UCM would look up that user in AD using the SMTP address and if the Business Address Street had data (value) in AD, it would merge or combine that information to create a contact to be pushed out to target user mailboxes during the UCM sync pass.
  • In Simple words, Mandatory Contact List takes whatever the source is and merge it with whatever contacts are in the Active Directory or in the GAL. It matches them all and puts them into one single contact.
  • Mandatory Contact List always uses AD as source to merge a contact with. Also the first source as under Alternate Contact Sources like Public Folder or Shared mailbox will always take precedence than whatever is there in Active Directory.
  • If you want to check the precedence then from itrezzo Web Admin, expand Data Dictionary from left navigation pane > expand Alternate Contact Source.
  • The below list will show the order in which they are trusted. Whatever comes first, takes more precedence.
  • For Example: The sources above the AD which were the Alternate Contact Sources, for e.g. PF, whatever is in that takes precedence over what is there in AD.

Follow the below steps to create a Mandatory Contact List (MCL):

  1. To create a Mandatory Contact List, click on Mandatory Contact List icon on top green bar or expand Unified Contact Manager on the left navigation & click on Mandatory Contact List > click on the + (plus) sign at the top right corner.
  2. Choose a Name for the Mandatory Contact List (MCL).
  3. Select the source from Source: Mandatory Contacts box by clicking on Select icon & click the Folder icon to see the Collections, select GAL Source > click Save.
  4. Check the box for Include contacts with no email address if you like to include contacts that do not contain any email address.
  5. Also, if there exists any Distribution Lists in the Collection & you want to push out the SMTP address for it as a contact, then check mark the box Include DL’s as mandatory Contacts. So, if there is a Distribution List in there, for e.g All Itrezzo Users which has a SMTP address, that will be pushed as a Mandatory Contact so that the user will be able to email to that Distribution List from there phone. Normally you don’t see the Distribution List on the phone and  this is not supported by Outlook as well.
  6. We can also populate the Autocomplete list in Outlook. Check Populate Autocomplete list with members of the listEvery time itrezzo runs and it updates contacts, they get cleared out of the autocomplete list. So this feature will help you to keep the autocomplete list up to date.
  7. After adding the source in MCL, select target from the Target: Authorized Recipients box by clicking on Select icon and selecting Folder icon for collections > GAL Targets > Save.
  8. By following the above steps a Mandatory Contact List will get created based on the Source and Target provided. If you want to update the MCL, click on the refresh icon on the right on the grey bar. You can see the contents of the MCL by expanding Unified Contact Manager > expand Mandatory Contact Lists & select the MCL for which you want to view the contents. All the contacts from that MCL will appear in the window at the center of itrezzo Web Admin.

With this, we have completed the first three main steps for getting started with itrezzo.

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