Monday, December 17, 2018

How to Patch the itrezzo UCM server (copy and paste method)

By Harpreet Singh Wasu

If you are facing issues with the current version of your itrezzo UCM server, or just want to upgrade to the latest build, we have got you covered.

You can run the full installer. However, it takes a bit longer and we don't always release a full EXE install.  A patch is extremely quick to put in place and has a little less risk.

Here is a step-by-step article on How to Patch the itrezzo UCM server

Note: Patching using the File copy and paste method is only preferred when it you requested for a fix or a specific feature on demand to meet your organization requirements. 

1. Open a browser and go to

2. Go to Patch folder.

3. Look for the latest version with .zip file and Click on it to download and Save.

4. Click the Start menu and run services.msc to open Services management console. (Or open  the Run prompt by pressing Windows+ R key on the keyboard and type services.msc)

5. Stop these two itrezzo services:
  • itrezzo ECO Platform
  • itrezzoAgent Unified Contact Manager

6. You can skip the itrezzo ECO Watchdog service. By default it's start up mode is Manual.

7. Open File Explorer > C:\Program File (x86)\itrezzoAgent\ECOPlatform. Leave this window open and go back to the folder where you saved the patch file which we downloaded above.

8. Double click on the zipped folder and double click on the patch folder inside it to open it.

9. Using CTRL+A select all the files. Using CTRL+C, copy all the selected files and folders.

10. Switch back to the folder C:\Program File (x86)\itrezzoAgent\ECOPlatform and using CTRL+V paste all the contents inside this folder.

11. Select Replace the files in the destination  and click on Continue if prompted for Administrator permissions.

Note, if you dont get a message to replace files, you have probably pasted into the wrong location.

12. Close all the File Explorer and web browser page for the itrezzo support website. 

13. Return to the services app (already running from step 4). Start the two itrezzo services:
  • itrezzo ECO Platform
  • itrezzoAgent Unified Contact Manager

14. Double click on the Web Admin from the desktop to open the itrezzoECO Platform Admin Console.

If  you face any any issues while performing the steps above, reach out to our support staff for help.

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