Monday, December 15, 2014

How Does Unified Contact Management Affect the ROI of Daily Productivity

A unified contact management solution is certain to produce a positive ROI on daily productivity for you business.

Unified Contact Manager
Breakdown in Contact Management
JFK once said,
"The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining."

After the Crises is a Mistake 

Too often companies think about problems AFTER the fact. This is a mistake.

Having a unified contact management solution in place is a preemptive measure. When a disaster strikes, your managers will be ready to reach out to those in their departments.

A UCM Makes Good Sense

Having a unified contact management solution in place also makes good business sense.

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At itrezzo we have calculated that a comprehensive solution that works correctly, i.e. deploys quickly will on average deliver 1st-year payback within 3 months.

3 Reasons to Implement a UCM

A correctly implemented unified contact management system:
  • eliminates manual updates that lead to errors
  • enhances collaboration and business productivity
  • increases the chances of employees staying in touch with one another at critical times

Save Money

But, can your business save money?

Yes, it can. We estimate that over a 4 year period $30 or more is saved for each $1 invested.

In short, your employees, your managers, your executives, save time. And time is money.

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