Monday, September 15, 2014

Configuring Unified Contact Management on Windows 2012

By Vern Weitzman

The itrezzo installer can automate several of the required features on Windows 2008 Server. However, Windows 2012 server is quite a bit different and you will need to add ASP.Net, Windows Authentication, WCF, Dynamic HTTP activation and other options shown below.

Note that only English Language version of the server OS is supported at this time.

I. Internet Information Server (IIS) Setup

The itrezzo ECO Platform supports the following components:
  • Web based Administration 
  • Self Service Update 
  • Employee Contact Portal 
  • Data Dictionary 
  • The Unified Contact Manager 
  • The Watchdog Service
The first three components directly interface with IIS to allow web browser based administration and user functions.

The procedure below assumes that your Windows 2012 server does not have any Web components installed. You will need to adapt the instructions if you already have some IIS components installed.

Here is the step by step IIS Web Configuration for the itrezzo Unified Contact Management setup on Windows 2012 Server.

  1. Check ASP.Net 4.5IIS Web Configuration for the itrezzo
  2. Open the Server Manager. Select the Manage menu. 
  3. Add Roles and Features Wizard and select the local serverWindows 2012 Server Manager
  4. If not already checked, add the Web ServerWeb Server Configuration
  5. A pop up will appear that indicates the IIS Management Tools will also be installed. Click Add Features
  6. Choose the Next Button to navigate to Features. 
  7. Scroll to .Net Framework 4.5 Features 
  8. Check ASP.Net 4.5 
  9. Check WCF Services and a popup will occur. Click Add Features. 
  10. Check HTTP ActivationIIS Web Configuration for the itrezzo Contact Management
  11. Click Next 
  12. Scroll down to Application Development and expand that node 
  13. Click Next (twice) to Start the Web Server Role Service
  14. On Role Services, expand the Web server 
  15. Under Security, check Windows AuthenticationConfigure Windows Authentication
  16. Under Application Development, check ASP.NET 4.5ASP .NET 4.5 itrezzo
  17. Click Next

This is a summary of the expected additions to roles and services.
IIS Web Configuration for GAL Sync

Click the Install button. You can close this wizard and installation will still take place in the Background.

Here is a more complete summary of the expected roles and services that must be installed.
IIS Web Configuration Summary

II. Microsoft MAPI/CDO

The two most common developer API’s for Microsoft Exchange Server are EWS and MAPI. Although itrezzo recommends EWS be used wherever possible, some itrezzo components do not yet work with EWS. We are planning to fully support EWS on all itrezzo components by 2Q 2015.
If you are using Exchange 2013, or Office 365, the itrezzoAgent service might connect to it’s service account mailbox using MAPI. However, EWS must be used to open each user mailbox and sync contacts. In most cases, you can leave off the MAPI/CDO component for Office 365.

For full support of Exchange Server, use MAPI CDO version 6.5.8353.

Note: The ECO platform is not designed to work with Microsoft Office Outlook. If installed, please remove Microsoft Outlook before running the itrezzoAgent installer.

III. Microsoft .Net Frameworks Setup

The ECO platform requires .NET Frameworks 4.5 or any higher version. The .Net Framework is automatically pre-installed as part of Windows 2012. If you already have .Net Frameworks 4.5, you may skip this step.

You can find the .NET 4.5.2 installer at this URL:

Please note that after the .NET Frameworks installation has completed, it may take up to one hour for optimization to run. During that time, you will notice very high CPU activity. Microsoft has provided a script you can run on demand to force the optimization to happen more quickly.You don’t need to wait for the optimization to complete. Proceed to the next step immediately.
  1. Prior to running the Installer

Also you first make certain of these two requirements:
  • Open the Computer Management MMC snap in
Use installer with itrezzo Unified Contact Manager

  • The itrezzo service account should explicitly be a member of the administrators group on the local machine
itrezzo Admin properties on Windows 2012

  • The service account must also have “Logon as a service” right which can be set in the local security policy
Windows 2012 Contact Manager

V. Running the itrezzo Platform Installer

You can find the itrezzoAgent installer at

We recommend that you download the installer to a local disk before running it. If you are unsure about which components to install, do not add any components to the default selection. If you are installing for Office 365 or Exchange 2013, remove the "Administrator" component at the top.

Always run the installer while logged in as the itrezzo Service Account.

Proceed to configuring the Unified Contact Manager to Sync contacts to Outlook: .

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