Thursday, June 20, 2024

itrezzo Unified Contact Management Release Notes - All Versions

itrezzo Unified Contact Management development team regularly updates the itrezzo UCM with new features and functionality as well as release new versions with Fixes to known issues time by time.

This article is designed to help you keep track of all the versions of CiraSync On Premise (itrezzo UCM) software that have been released and to understand the changes made in each newer version.

The latest version available for CiraSync On Premise (itrezzo UCM) software can be viewed by opening the Download icon from the desktop of the server running CiraSync On Premise (itrezzo UCM) software. You can also navigate to this link to check the latest version available for download and upgrade.


*This version requires Windows Server 2019 or later*

Release Date - 6/20/2024

Setup Wizard: hotfix on authorize stage

ECO: CDL: hotfix: for hung up during parsing recurring appointments

Setup Tool: Access validation tools


*This version requires Windows Server 2019 or later*

Release Date - 5/30/2024

CiraSync On Premise: new portal for license renewal

ECO: new app registration 

ECO: improvements for the customer task "Reset itrezzoUserMC" field


*This version requires Windows Server 2019 or later*

Release Date - 5/7/2024

ECO: add reset itrezzoUserMC by identical contacts from the source (set False if the same, set True if it has changes)
ECO: hot fix: for mailbox setup tool with certificate
ECO: allow a run of AD replica task even if it is deactivated  + fix the issue when contacts are not found by email in AD replica if different cases


*This version requires Windows Server 2019 or later*

Release Date - 4/6/2024

ECO: Azure AD, ability to switch provider type GraphApi
UCM Admin: fix to issue with access denied during save settings in the storage
ECO: GraphApi replace primary SMTP by UPN
ECO: fix to avoid the hung up during parse recurrence pattern
ECO: CDL add an option "Sync Attachments"
ECO: added retry "Gateway Timeout." token in Azure AD (PowerShell provider)
ECO: ACS Azure AD, fix to avoid the memory leak
ECO: remove Get-UserPhoto cmdlet
ECO: decommission the Impersonate role
ECO: disable ActiveDirectoryReplica circular breaker if  Active Directory ACS is inactive
ECO: Azure AD, fix to problem with pagination error during users selection
ECO & UCM Addmin: minor fixes
UCM Admin: Add Exchange version 2019 in dropdown
UCM: GraphApi, fix to issue with wrong encoding for Notes
ECO: changed method the moving contacts to subfolder
ECO: ACS Graph Api, fix to avoid the change of photo checksum after each re-cache process
ECO: MCLs auto-restore
ECO: add reset itrezzoUserMC by identical contacts from the source (edited)


*This version requires Windows Server 2019 or later*

Release Date - 11/28/2023

Watchdog: add send report parameter
Category Prefix MCL: Fix problem with empty category
Setup: resolve values on diagnostic files upload
UCM: support contacts with extended type IPM.Contact.*
GC: add the ability to sync Azure AD items if it hybrid
UCM: wrong detect contact type
SSU: add QR codes in email for confirm and edit actions


*This version requires Windows Server 2019 or later*

Release Date - 9/20/2023

Setup Wizard: new auth code service URL
Watchdog: export user statistics
ECO: add an ability to use a plugin for syslog logging


*This version requires Windows Server 2019 or later*

Release Date - 9/1/2023

ECO: Ignore photo not found error for Active Directory as an ACS from another tenant
ECO: Add an ability to import licenses from files in the folder
UCM: adding support for MS Teams join button
ECO: Change the old email to the new one in MCR if the email is ODN
ECO: Fix for infinity busy indicator in Contact sources


*This version requires Windows Server 2019 or later*

Release Date - 7/7/2023

Rebrand to CiraSync on-Premise
Fix for case when recurrency appointment hanged the cache process
UCM Admin: didn't work login by local administrator and by domain user in some cases
ECO: improve loading information about InternalServers


*This version requires Windows Server 2019 or later*

Release Date - 5/31/2023

Ensure that sessions for IsolatedExecutor close after finishing the execution
Certificate: Added User.Read.All permission to the app in order to read photos
UCM Admin and Setup Tool: Updated the web browser to the new version
ECO: Calendars: limit running only 3 threads for cache process
ECO: Calendars: prevent hung up for corrupted recurrence patterns
ECO: Enforce Deletion Custom Task: create an ability match by an empty string
ECO: add filter by collections for the Active Directory from Graph API
ECO: add retry for the Active Directory from Graph API
ECO: turn off target mailbox history if a cleanup age is 0


*This version requires Windows Server 2019 or later*

Release Date - 3/30/2023

Installer: check the OS Version before installation
Installer: automatically install redistributed packages
UCM: fix an issue with a reading of an appointment in the target mailbox if there is MeetingResponse


*This version requires Windows Server 2019 or later*

Release Date - 3/17/2023

ECO: migrate to MongoDB v6
Fix the issue with the extremely big size of the attachments


Release Date - 3/10/2023

Dedupe Contacts: fix perfomance issue
ACS Another Tenant: ability to filter
ECO: add an ability to configure mongo db server
ECO: Mintor fixes


Release Date - 2/24/2023

UCM Admin: the ability to use HTTP and HTTPS ports through the IIS ARR module as a single endpoint in order to access to ECO Platform
UCM Report: change threshold that considers the license almost filled to 90%
Setup Wizard: Ability to configure authorize url
Remote connector: add an ability to define a direct URL for Office365
Dedupe Contacts: Apply report changes for Mergix


Release Date - 2/9/2023

ECO: Mergex dedupe version 1.1
ECO: Prune to existing CCL
MCL: Wrong count number in User Statistics
PowerShell: add repeat for the failed request
Setup Wizard: add a warning message when the authentication model is being changed
Fix the URL for downloading UCM Admin if Silverlight is not installed


Release Date - 1/05/2023

ECO: Mergex dedupe version 1.0
ECO: CCL dedupe source contacts
ECO: hotfixes


Release Date - 12/19/2022

ECO: hotfixes
ECO: Add Notification about License Expiration 90,60,30
ECO: Mergex dedupe custom task


Release Date - 11/29/2022 

ECO: create an ability to filter AD for the caching


Release Date - 11/18/2022 

License Packs: minor fixes
AssistantName field doesn't resolve in the AD
Target Mailbox History: optimize the clear process, add advanced logging and shrink the database
ECO: minor fixes
Portal: minor fixes
Portal: Add the ability to configure the number of levels.


Release Date - 10/20/2022

License Packs: minor fixes
CDL: Sync Private Items
CDL: Sync Meetings as Appointments
ECO: minor fixes


Release Date - 10/7/2022

License Pack: Certificate view in license details
Collections: GAL=GraphAPI - add the ability to create collections with custom query


Release Date - 9/16/2022

Adding licenses: name format for new licenses should be - LicenseType_ID
Portal: Office365 Authorization
CCL from MCL: tbl from such source doesn't work properly, list of contacts is empty
Portal: modifying picture causes error
Revise permissions for certificate based authentication app
Revise UCM Registration email message
Target mailbox history: option Purge old items should be set on 7 days by default
Custom task: Cleanup Eval container - add an ability to work with collections
Collections: Predefined tab - change icon for tab and rename lists with licensed users (add 'UCM' at the beginning)
Portal: include in installer
Portal: Organization Chart 


Release Date - 19/8/2022 

Add Predefined lists NewLicensedUsers, OldLicensedUsers, ErrorLicensedUsers
Add an ability to configure Certificate manually without requesting the Global Admin rights


Release Date - 16/8/2022 - Release for download.

Office365: Contacts - add ability search in GAL and add to the collection
Implement the ability to Ignore Changes in Target for Photo and Notes and Attachments
UCM: CCL - categories from cache are synced broken to target


Release Date - 4/8/2022 - Release for download.

Global Config: Security - add the ability to configure access to CCL, MCL, ACS, CDL - hotfix


Release Date - 3/8/2022 - Release for download.

Global Config: Security - add the ability to configure access to CCL, MCL, ACS, CDL
Adapt Cert authorization for GCC High
WPF: add the ability to log in via Azure


Release Date - 27/7/2022 - Release for download.

WPF: Telephone Broadcast List
UCM: add the handler for timeout exception
Encrypt traffic between application parts (AES 256bit key)
ECO: Office365: AD caching - should retry to load photo if the error appeared


Release Date - 8/7/2022 - Release for download.

ECO: User Statistics: add a field InternalServer for Office365 mailboxes
WPF: Admin + Portal: added security section functionality
UCM: ability to run UCM workers on different PCs
Portal: minor fixes


Release Date - 22/6/2022 - Release for download.

ECO: Portal authorization
WPF: minor fixes


Release Date - 16/6/2022 - Release for download.

EWS: change execution timeout + readwrite timeout
WPF: handle error if appointment has wrong values
ECO: avoid override SMTP if it is already overridden
UCM: read chunk size
UCM: add hard delete option
Add fields list configuration in Azure AD source
WPF: minor fixes


Release Date - 2/6/2022 - Release for download.

MCL: add an ability to create CCL from MCL
AdvanceFieldsSettings: remove the PIN field
Certificates: add the ability to change the expiration date
Cache: store big values in the MongoDB
Add the ability to sync attached files
Sync business card layout can cause disappearing photos on the business card
WPF: minor fixes
CustomTasks: don't read attachments if it not needed


Release rejected


Release Date - 22/4/2022 - Release for download.

ACS connector to read users from another tenant
Make sure eco is cleaning up all ecodb files in the temp directory
ECO: minor fixes
WPF: minor fixes


Release Date - 7/4/2022 - Release for download.

Add a custom task to check the count of items in folders
UCM: collect and view the history of changes in target mailboxes
UCM & WPF minor fixes


Release Date - 3/17/2022 - Release for download.

Collection: issue with hung after save
WPF: add an ability to open grids in a separate tab (ACS, MCL, CCL, CDL)
WPF: minor fixes


Release Date - 3/9/2022 - Release for download.

Add the ability to connect to Domain Controller using the SLDAP connection
SSU External: details window causes an error for users with User Profile = None
Collection: issue with hung after save
Collection: add AllGalEntries to the Predefined tab


Release Date - 2/18/2022 - Release for download.

Decrypt license pack: add failover code for imported license pack
Ability to restore license packs from IALicense.xml


Release Date - 2/16/2022 - Release for download.

Certificate: add an ability manually configure the certificate
WPF: Change the main theme color to blue
WPF: browser view - show address line
WPF: ability to refresh folder tree in the Mailbox Viewer
Enforce Deletion by CCL: add an ability to clean up DLs
Setup Tool: hide checkbox "Run web administrator" if web components are not installed
Enforce Deletion Contacts: add an ability to filter by MessageClass filed
Setup: install a Silverlight component only if selected Web Admin or Portal
Collections: fix the infinity busy indicator in some cases