Friday, January 11, 2019

itrezzo Unified Contact Management (UCM) Prerequisites

By Harpreet Singh Wasu

Ready to install and deploy itrezzo UCM software on a server in your environment ?

Before you install and deploy itrezzo UCM, please go through the prerequisites below for a smooth installation and on-boarding process.

itrezzo Service Account and Permissions:

  • You will need to create a user account in Active Directory (On-Premise) which will be used as a Service Account for itrezzo UCM.
  • The itrezzo Service Account must be Mail-Enabled.
  • The Service Account mailbox should be able to receive emails from internal recipients.
  • All Retention Policies and Archiving MUST be disabled on this mailbox.
    • For Exchange Server 2010, the Service Account created will need "Full Access" to Exchange mailboxes. The easiest way is to grant the permissions at the mailbox database level, so that whenever a new user is added, it will obtain the inherited permission from the Mailbox Databases.
    This permission can be easily applied using Exchange Management Shell from the On-Premise Exchange Server and this command will cover all available Mailbox Databases.

    Get-MailboxDatabase | Add-ADPermission -User "srv-ucm" -AccessRights ExtendedRight -ExtendedRights Receive-As,Send-As

    In the above command, replace "srv-ucm"with the itrezzo Service Account you created.

    Server Requirements:

    We recommend you to create a new VM which is a member server (Server joined to a domain) to run itrezzo UCM. If you wish to use an existing server, avoid one with existing IIS applications.

    Note: We do support itrezzo UCM running on Exchange Server, or Active Directory Domain controllers.

    Below are the server requirements:
    • Member Server (Server joined to your AD domain) running Windows Server 2012/2016 either bare iron, or a Virtual Guest.
    • Minimum RAM - 4 GB for less than 300 target mailboxes and 8 GB RAM if the target mailboxes are more than 300.
    • Minimum two processor cores for less than 300 target mailboxes, 4 CPU's for more than 300 target mailboxes.
    • Minimum free Hard Disk space required - 10 GB.
    • Must have Internet access and Port 80 should be open for inbound & outbound connection.

    Preparing your Server for itrezzo UCM:

    Add the Service Account created for itrezzo to the 'Local Administrators" group on the Member Server where you will install itrezzo UCM using the below steps:

    1. Open Server Manager > Click on Tools on the Top Right 
    2. Select Computer Management
    3. On the left hand navigation, expand Local Users and Groups > Groups
    4. Right Click on Administrators > Properties > Add
    5. Enter the name of the new Service Account that we created > Check Names > OK.
    6. Apply > OK.

    You can also open Local User and Groups on a Member server using Run command.

    • Open Run prompt using Windows + R key on your keyboard.
    • Type LUSRMGR.msc and hit Enter.

    The next step is to set the Service Account to 'Log On as a Service".

    1. Open Run prompt using Windows + R key on your keyboard.
    2. Type secpol.msc to open Local Security Policy MMC console.
    3. Expand Local Policies > Select Users Rights Assignment.
    4. Under list of Policies, double click on Log on as a service.
    5. Click Add User or Group > Type the name of itrezzo Service Account > Check Names > OK.
    6. Apply > OK.
    7. Log Off from the server and login again as the itrezzo Service Account.

    • The itrezzo Web Admin requires Silverlight and Internet Explorer. Turn Off  IE Enhanced Security Configuration on the member server.
    • We have found that network packet inspection software such as Cylance, Symantec Endpoint Protection, Sophos, Cisco AMP cause exceptionally poor performance outcomes. These options should be disabled for the network on this server. Thousands of EWS packets are sent and received to the Exchange environment via port 443 and also multiple internal network ports are used to pass data between modules in the software. Packet inspection software can drastically affect performance and cause mailboxes not to get updated with the latest contact and calendar changes.
    • Also, any REAL TIME antivirus file monitoring should have an exclusion for the \Program Files (x86)\itrezzoAgent\... folders on the server.

    Software Requirements:

    Firewall Requirements:

    • We recommend that the Windows Firewall should be Turned Off on the Server running itrezzo UCM.
    If your organization cannot afford to keep the Firewall off, then the below ports must be open:

    • Port 80 - It is used to run the itrezzo Web Admin locally.
    • Port 443 - Required to make EWS calls to and from the Exchange Servers.
    • Port 389 - itrezzo UCM uses LDAP port at 389 to communicate with AD.
    • In addition to this, all internal high-range ports must be open (like 49241 and up) - these are used to communicate between ECO, UCM, SSU and the Web Admin.

      Download the itrezzo UCM software from the below link:

      Wednesday, January 9, 2019

      itrezzo Unified Contact Management Release Notes - All Versions

      By Harpreet Singh Wasu

      itrezzo Unified Contact Management development team regularly updates the itrezzo UCM with new features and functionality as well as release new versions with Fixes to known issues time by time.

      This article is designed to help you keep track of all the versions of itrezzo UCM that have been released and to understand the changes made in the each newer version.


      Release Date - 01/08/2019 - Released for Download

      • Fixed issues with Task Schedule in accordance to time changes during daylight savings.
      • Added a feature where UCM will check if the existing UCM incremental task created is still there or not and if it is missing, it will recreate it to prevent accidental deletions.
      • Feature added in UCM to compare contacts based of their case sensitivity and will match them accordingly.


      Release Date - 01/02/2019 - Released for Download

      • 28206 - SSU: Single Profile Configuration.
      • 28208 - Active Directory: execute LDAP query to particular Domain Controller (Sorting DC by closest).
      • 28215 - Web Admin: optimization ECO web admin loading.
      • 28216 - UCM: don't push photo if it not selected in advanced fields settings.


      Release Date - 12/19/2018 - Released for Download

      • Enhancement in advanced and incremental schedule.
      • Added the ability to add second credentials under Dynamic Override configuration.
      • Enhancement in the note_formatted field.
      • Incremental update overwrite Category field for mandatory contacts.
      • Enhancement if multiple sync tunnels are targeting the same sub-folder.
      • Fix for reading Predefined Mandatory Notes from public folders.
      • Web Admin enhancement in reloading menu items automatically.
      • Fix for updating email1 field using Exchange2013.
      • Fix for updating fileAs field for custom contacts.


      Release Date - 12/04/2018 - Released for Download

      • Fixed issues with executing LDAP queries pointing to a specific Domain Controller.
      • Note: Domain Configuration can be accessed by navigating to Web Admin > Global Configuration > Global Address List - under the option "Manage Domain Controllers".
      • Fixed an issue where the UCM Incremental Task and Advanced UCM task running simultaneously would cause issues. Fixed by creating a rule for the tasks to run so that "Advanced UCM" task will wait for the completion of "UCM Incremental". The "UCM Incremental" task will be skipped if "Advanced UCM" task is already running. The fix also applies to manual task.


      Release Date - 11/28/2018 - Released for Download

      • Fixed issues with XML configuration file to sync additional tables in Salesforce schema.
      • Note: After running the config file for the first time, the following file will get created - ECOPlatform\Data\SalesForceTableSync.XML. If you want to import the table, change the import attribute to true (Import="true). By default, all the tables that are related to contacts table, will get imported.
      • Fixed issues with SalesForce REST API.
      • Fixed issues when creating CCL from SQL. Fixed the errors while executing stored procedure with two parameters.
      • Fixed performance issues with UCM where each UCM run takes more time for completion.


      Release Date - 11/15/2018 - Released for Download

      • Updated Dynamic Override where it will be presented with "Maximum Thread Count".
      • Updates with SSU where the option to show hidden Contact Data Categories on Edit windows is available.
      • Enhancement with UCM where it would roll source transaction log into target mailboxes (Standard contacts).
      • Added feature with UCM and UCM to trace memory usage.
      • Enhancement with ECO Trace log where long lines will be truncated to 200 characters.
      • Fixed issues for clients getting errors while running UCM incremental tasks.


      Release Date - 11/13/2018 - Released for Download

      • Option of Maximum Thread Count is available in Dynamic Override.
      • You can now view the Hidden contact data under the Edit window under SSU.
      • Enhancement in UCM to show transaction logs for Target mailboxes (standard contacts through transaction logs.
      • Added a feature to trace memory and usage for UCM and ECO.
      • For ECO transaction logs, the line will be truncated to 200 characters.
      • Note: Be default, all lines are truncated to 500 characters so prevent loss or necessary information needed to read from the log files such as "Exchange Provider Configuration". 


      Release Date - 11/06/2018 - Released for Download

      • Another fix of CDL where UCM removed user's Calendars from the target mailbox.
      • Fixed issues with errors being encountered while updating the ecodb version.
      • Few changes in the interface changes in the User Statistics option in UCM Web Admin.


      Release Date - 11/05/2018 - Released for Download